Biomimetics Workshop 2015 was held in Changchun, China
Time: 2015-11-11 05:47  Click:1379

Biomimetics Workshop 2015 - Optimisation and “trade-off” in Biomimetics was successfully held in Jilin University, China, on October 10-11, 2015. The workshop was organized by the International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE) and sponsored by Jilin University.


The workshop was presented by Prof. Julian F.V. Vincent from Oxford University who is a distinguished professor on Bionics and the President of ISBE. Nearly 40 scholars and postgraduates attended the workshop, respectively from Chonnam National University (South Korea), Tsinghua University (China), Tongji University (China) etc. During the two days’ workshop, the innovative teaching methods including specialist tutelage, classroom interaction, practical experience, and group presentation were adopted. 



This workshop not only provided good opportunities for attendees to learn the basic methods and skills of biomimetics but also established a platform for academic exchange and communication. It was a memorable event to popularize bionic science and technology, spreading its ideas, methods and spirits, and accelerating the pace of academic research and development.



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