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On February 7, 2020, a medical rescue team from the Second Hospital of Jilin University, led by Vice Dean, Prof. YanguoQin, left Changchun for Wuhan to save the patients suffering from the COVID-1…
1. Nanomaterials with enzyme-like characteristics (nanozymes): next-generation artificial enzymes (II) [Times Cited: 232] By: Wu, Jiangjiexing; Wang, Xiaoyu; Wang, Quan; et al. CHEMICAL S…
3D Technology on Bionics
Product Application of 3D Printing

With the development of 3D printing technology, it is provided with more advantages of various materials, higher precision, higher speed, easier operation, better reliability and lower costs. 3D printing products can be classified as follows:

1) Shape Printing

3D printing offers human the unprecedented ability to control the object shape and manufacture optional complex shapes or structures. And it is in distinct contrast with traditional processing method due to no marginal cost which is brought by the increase of complexity.


3D Printing Bionics Soft Chair


2) Structure Printing

In the past, the design of component in manufacturing industry is entirely dependent on whether the manufacturing technique can be implemented. While benefit from 3D printing, enterprises do not need to consider the manufacturing technique any more, and the design of any complex structure can be realized by 3D printing.


3D Printing Aluminum Lattice Structure


3) Material Printing

3D printing can manufacture some novel materials, such as the peculiar material which expanses laterally when being stretched. Personalized Reconstruction: it makes materials strong and lightweight. Personalized Metallic Implants: it changes from shape customization to function customization. Bio-print “Soft Tissue Implants”: It takes use of biological ink containing biological active cells to print the soft tissue implants of human body directly, such as heart valves and spinal disks.


3D Printing Artificial Bionic Shark Skin

3D Printing Medical Model


4) Function Printing

The control of material behavior means any programming can be carried out on materials, and enable the materials with preconceived functions, for example, the walking robot with a human shape can be directly printed out. Thus, a brand-new design idea and engineering manufacturing mode similar to biological evolution are developed.

3D Printing Bionic Hand

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