Bio-inspired engineering research receives international recognition
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Dr Liu Yahua, a PhD graduate from City University of Hong Kong, was awarded the Hong Kong Young Scientist Award in the Engineering Science category for his work titled “Bioinspired interfacial materials: engineering and application”. He has published four papers in Nature Physics and Nature Communications over the past two years, two of them as the first author.


Award recipient Dr. Yahua Liu (right) and his supervisor Dr. Zuankai Wang (left)


“One central question for engineering robust super-wetting surfaces is the maximization of water repellency or the minimization of the contact time of an impinging droplet with the underlying solid surface. However, there exists a minimum contact time limit which is imposed by the classical hydrodynamics.I developed two kinds of millimeter-scale super-wetting surfaces, which allow for ~80% reduction in the contact time.” Says Dr. Liu.


The Award selection is based on evidence of research excellence in science or technology, as well as the potential to become a good scientist or engineer. After rigorous review by a panel comprising distinguished experts and scholars, Dr. Liu was declared the winner of the Award out of 32 applications in the Engineering Science category.


Dr. Liu now is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Dalian University of Technology, a key national university under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education. Continuing his work, he leads a team exploring practical applications of the new material for surfaces related to self-cleaning, anti-icing on aircraft surfaces, car and power transmission lines, and dropwise condensation to enhance heat transfer.

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