Professor Eize Stamhuis from Groningen University Visited Jilin University
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On March 22, the ISBE member professor Eize Stamhuis from Groningen University of Netherlands along with two other delegates visited the Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering. The bilateral cooperation and exchange forum was held and hosted by Prof. Limei TIAN, the general secretary of the ISBE Youth Commission, with the participation of Prof. Han Zhiwu, the director of the key lab, Prof. Ma Yunhai, the vice-president of the College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering as well as the representatives of the ISBE Secretariat. Some scholars from the key lab were also involved in the exchange discussion.




Professor Han Zhiwu first delivered a welcome speech, and introduced the basic situation of the key lab and the research background of the participants, and then put forward the willingness of establishing a good cooperative relationship between two sides. During the meeting both sides made their research reports respectively. Professor Eize Stamhuis systematically introduced the research programmes of their flow mechanics and biomimetics group at Groningen University. With learning objects of seabirds, sharks and dolphins, he focused on the fields that were closely related to the researches of the key lab including the wind turbines, windturbine optimization, truck streamlining and drag reduction, and ship propulsion system, which aroused great interests among the participants in the meeting. Ideas around the selection of biological models, computer simulation techniques, and optimized design methods were fully exchanged and discussed. Paul Bomke from Groningen University introduced in depth the bionic design and research of morphing airfoils in gusty environments. Professor Tian Limei and Dr. Zhao Jie from the key lab presented their reports on marine anti-fouling coatings and super-repellent antimicrobial surfaces.




During the forum, both sides fully recognized each other’s researches, and conducted in-depth discussion on cooperation areas and cooperative modes. Prof. Stamhuis and Prof. TIAN finally had reached a consensus that they will sign a cooperation agreement in the near future, which would further promoted the cooperation relationship between Groningen University and Jilin University.

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