Biomimetic "super fish scales" are lighter than plastics, harder than enamel.
Time: 2018-10-20 14:30  Click:154
The piranha in the Amazon River has sharp teeth and fierce temperament, but can not help giant bony tongue fish, because the latter has a "dragon scale armor". Recently, Professor Yu Shuhong of the University of Science and Technology of China has studied this kind of "super-strong fish scale" in depth, and has developed a "light and tough" protective material for the first time and biomimetically using the "nano-screw brushing method".
Yu Shuhong's team's new approach, based on hydroxyapatite micro-nanofibers, combines the polymer sodium alginate, directional brushing and helical lamination to efficiently assemble biomimetic composites.
Mechanics experiments show that the new material has excellent properties: light as plastic, but harder than the hardest enamel in the human body. Conventional materials have straight cracks, which deflect, branch, and become more "energy-absorbing" and tougher.
source: Xinhua News Agency
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