Bionic Robot, Flying and Diving
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China Jiangsu Netcom smart "elephant nose" high-altitude pick-up, soft "gecko feet" pinch tomatoes... On Nov. 30, in the 7th "Tiangong Cup" Postgraduate Innovation Experiment Competition of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, competitors presented a variety of robots developed according to animal functions.


Over the pavilion, a "big white bird" flapping its wings is very noticeable. The aircraft has a wingspan of nearly two meters and weighs only 400 grams. Its wings can beat and even twist back and forth. Meng Yu, a member of the project team and a specialist in aircraft design and engineering, introduced that the aircraft simulated bird flight based on bionics principles and could start, fly and land independently without additional driving. "Its main function is reconnaissance, high concealment, long-distance flying in the sky is difficult to distinguish whether the real bird. "What's more, the cost of this complex aircraft is only 6,700 yuan.

The tail of the fish, the shape of the loach, the sensitivity of the crocodile, together with four rotating paddling wheels, can make the crocodile-like robot move flexibly all over the body, swim and crawl in the water, and adapt to a variety of terrain on land. Tao Jielian, a graduate student in navigation, guidance and control, pinches her tail. She wags her tail horizontally like a fish, while she wags her tail longitudinally like a dolphin. The robot can perform monitoring tasks in different environments.


There is also a gecko toe-like device, which can easily grab tomatoes and gently put them down. Tomatoes have no signs of being squeezed. Wang Liuwei of the Aerospace Academy said that unlike ordinary manipulators, this device uses not mechanical grip, but adhesive force to solve the problem that ordinary "manipulators" are difficult to grasp rotating objects in microgravity environment. It can also be used to adhere to fragile contaminants such as food and medicine.

source:China Volkswagen

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