[2019-Vol.16-Issue 2]Recent Progress in the Biological Basis of Remodeling Tissue Regeneration Using Nanofibers: Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Biological Molecules
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Journal of Bionic Engineering

March 2019, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp 189–208| Cite as

Roqia Ashraf,Hasham S. Sofi,Hern Kim,Faheem A. Sheikh

1.Department of NanotechnologyUniversity of Kashmir, Hazratbal, SrinagarJammu and KashmirIndia

2.Department of Energy Science and Technology, Fusion Smart Living Innovation Technology CenterMyongji UniversityYongin, Kyonggi-doRepublic of Korea


Opening up new and unlimited avenues in the biomedical field, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, the electrospinning process is considered as a versatile and the most preferred technique for the fabrication of nanofibers. These tailor-designed nanofibers provide a desirable and bio-inspired physiological niche to cells for better attachment and subsequent proliferation. In this review, an attempt is made to explain the importance of various topological and morphological parameters of nanofibrous scaffolds for efficient bio-mimicking. Some novel approaches (e.g., appropriate functionalization and extracellular matrix derived from decellularization) utilized for better mimicking and exponential growth of regenerating tissues are also discussed. Furthermore, this review highlights the important parameters necessary for the attachment, proliferation and differentiation of the mesenchymal stem cells for tissue regeneration. The importance of growth factors and their role after introducing the electrospinning techniques for efficient delivery and their role in the proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells in the different specific lineage (e.g., tenogenic, chondrogenic, neurogenic and osteogenic differentiation) are discussed.


electrospinning nanofibers bio-mimicking stem cells bioactive molecules regenerative medicine 

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