[2019-Vol.16-Issue 5] The Effects of Bio-inspired Electromagnetic Fields on Normal and Cancer Cells
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Journal of Bionic Engineering

September 2019, Volume 16, Issue 5,  pp 943–953| Cite as

Xuelei Liu.Zongming Liu,Zhenning Liu,Shujun Zhang,Kamal Bechkoum,Michael Clark,Luquan Ren

1.Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering (Ministry of Education), College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering,Jilin University,Changchun,China

2.Department of Anesthesiology,Jilin Cancer Hospital,Changchun,China

3.School of Computing and Technology,University of Gloucestershire, The Park,Cheltenham,UK

4.Magnacare Health Group,Birmingham,UK


The electromagnetic field (EMF) is one of many environmental factors, which earth creatures are exposed to. There are many reports on the effects of EMF on living organisms. However, since the mechanism has not yet been fully understood, the biological effects of EMF are still controversial. In order to explore the effects of bio-inspired EMF (BIEMF) on normal and cancer cells, various cultured cells have been exposed to BIEMF of different directions, i.e.vertical, parallel and inclined. Significantly reduced ATP production in Hela and A549 cancer cells is found for the parallel and vertical BIEMF. More careful examination on Hela cells has revealed a cell density dependent inhibition on colony formation. The morphological observation of BIEMF-exposed Hela cells has suggested that the retarded cell proliferation is probably caused by cell death via apoptosis. Together these results may afford new insights for cancer prevention and treatment.


electromagnetic fields (EMF) bio-inspired electromagnetic fields (BIEMF) directionality cancer cell proliferation 

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