Membership Information

ISBE membership is open to those who have manifested a continuous interest in any discipline important to bionic engineering research as evidenced by work in the field, original contributions and attendance at meetings concerning bionic engineering research.


Classes of Members

There are two classes of Members:  Individual Member & Corporate Member.

Individual Members shall be those persons who accord with the enrollment qualification, including student members, ordinary members, and fellow members.

  • Student members shall be undergraduates and graduates who are interested in the activities of the Society.
  • Members shall be the scholars or other social members who are interested in the bionic engineering researches.
  • Fellow members may be elected by the Board of Directors of the Society from amongst those persons who have distinguished themselves in the field of bionic engineering research, or who have contributed outstanding service to the Society.
  • Corporate members shall be educational, scientific, or industrial organizations who may choose this method of expressing their interest in the development or application of bionic engineering. Each Corporate Member shall be entitled to three representatives, each of whom must meet the requirements of individual members as a condition precedent to such representation. The representatives have the right to vote, and should assume the corresponding responsibilities.


Privileges and Obligation of Members

Members of all classes shall be entitled to attend all business and other meetings of the Society except for meetings of the Board of Directors and the Standing Committee.
All classes of members shall be entitled to receive publications of the Society, and to hold other rights and privileges of the Society, except as expressly provided herein.
Voting on all business of the Society shall be restricted to Ordinary Members, Fellow Members and affiliated individuals representing Corporate Members. 
Members should execute decisions, maintain legal rights and interests, and fulfill the tasks of the Society.


Membership Dues

According to the minutes of the Meeting of Executive Board of Directors on April 14, 2015, ISBE welcomes membership dues and donations from members. 

● The annual dues of Individual Members are $50 per year, which members may pay voluntarily. Members may pay their membership dues for one to three years each time.

● ISBE welcomes donations from members or institutions/companies to support the activities and communication of bionic engineering.

● Members who have paid membership dues will have a discount while attending the activities of ISBE. For each year, $50 will be deducted from the registration fee for the 1st activity, and $20 will be deducted for the 2nd activity.


Bank Account Information 

Members can pay the membership dues or donate to ISBE through banking system. The information on bank transfer is set out as below:










Join ISBE 

Warmly welcome all the researchers and scholars in the field of Bionic Engineering to join and support ISBE. If you would like to be a member of the society, please fill in the application forms and send it to ISBE Secretariat. 

Download the ISBE membership application. Fax or send completed application to ISBE Secretariat (  

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