World Biomimetic Association
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For millions of years nature has evolved to what it is now. We can be inspired by her to develop new processes, new mechanisms, new products and even new ways of relating, to give solution to the serious problems we face today.

The objectives of the foundation are closely associated with what the mission is: to connect all the people who are investigating and take advantage of all this vast range of possibilities for us to apply them in specific areas of our lives.

From the Foundation we think it is a must to have education, leisure and research to ensure that biomimetics takes roots a lot more in the evolution of human species.


1. FOSTER the attraction of a pool of international knowledge and innovation with Biomimetics as emerging trend of economic development.

2. CREATIVE PROCESS generating and coordinating based models and mechanisms of nature to make them applicable solutions to the current mainstreaming of economic development.

3. FOSTER awareness of sustainable productive economy.

4. BRING a differential and competitive international context of sustainable innovation. Innovation as a biomimetic model of economic development, and cultural production.

5. INTERPRET holistic operational nature to create new values in organizational systems.

6. APPROXIMATE values to the welfare of the planet and people’s health.

7. ENCOURAGE industry to achieve the degree of biomimetics for conscience protection and respect for natural ecosystems and the biodiversity of the planet.

8. ADD VALUE to public and private organizations to become more akin to ecological, social and economic transformations. Biomimetic values as conscience and productivity.


World Biomimetic Association

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