[2024-Vol.21-Issue 3]Design, Simulation and Kinematic Validation of a Hip Prosthetic Mechanism with a Multimotor Function
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Journal of Bionic Engineering (2024) 21:1321–1333 

Design, Simulation and Kinematic Validation of a Hip Prosthetic Mechanism with a Multimotor Function

Majun Song1 · Zhongyi Li1 · Jingjing Jiang2 · Weihai Chen1 · Sheng Guo3 · Hao Zheng1 · Lianzheng Niu3

1 Hangzhou Innovation Institute, Beihang University, Hangzhou 310051, China

2 Hangzhou Huacheng Software Technology Co. Ltd., Hangzhou 310051, China

3 School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China


We previously developed a powered hip prosthetic mechanism with kinematic functions of hip fexion–extension and abduction–adduction, and its theoretical and simulation-based kinematics were verifed. Because internal–external hip rotation has a positive efect on the movements of human lower limbs according to medical research, we developed a novel hip prosthetic mechanism based on a previous hip prosthesis that possesses motion characteristics similar to those of a human bionic hip, and the motion characteristics of multiple Degrees-of-Freedom (DoFs) were analyzed after kinematic modeling. Then, a walking model of the human?machine model was established, and the walking stability of an amputee, which refects the rehabilitation efect, was explored while the hip prosthetic mechanism considered the internal–external rotation of the hip. Finally, a prototype and its verifcation platform were built, and kinematic validation of the hip prosthetic mechanism was carried out. The results showed that the designed Parallel Mechanism (PM) possesses human-like motion characteristics similar to those of a human bionic hip and can be used as a hip prosthesis. Moreover, the existing motion characteristic of internal–external hip rotation can enhance the walking stability of an amputee via this hip prosthetic mechanism.

Keywords Hip prosthetic mechanism · Parallel mechanism · Walking stability · Kinematic validation


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