[2024-Vol.21-Issue 3]Optimal Energy Efciency Based High-speed Flying Control Method for Hydraulic Quadruped Robot
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Journal of Bionic Engineering (2024) 21:1156–1173

Optimal Energy Efciency Based High?speed Flying Control Method for Hydraulic Quadruped Robot

Qingjun Yang1 · Zhenyang Zhang1  · Rui Zhu1,2 · Dianxin Wang1

1 School of Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150000, China

2 Nanjing Chenguang Group Co. Ltd, Nanjing 210006, China


Herein, a control method based on the optimal energy efciency of a hydraulic quadruped robot was proposed, which not only realizes the optimal energy efciency of fying trot gait but also ensures the stability of high-speed movement. Concretely, the energy consumption per unit distance was adopted as the energy efciency evaluation index based on the constant pressure oil supply characteristics of the hydraulic system, and the global optimization algorithm was adopted to solve the optimal parameters. Afterward, the gait parameters that afect the energy efciency of quadruped were analyzed and the mapping relationship between each parameter and energy efciency was captured, so as to select the optimum combination of energy efciency parameters, which is signifcant to improve endurance capability. Furthermore, to ensure the stability of the highspeed fying trot gait motion of the hydraulic quadruped robot, the active compliance control strategy was employed. Lastly, the proposed method was successfully verifed by simulations and experiments. The experimental results reveal that the fying trot gait of the hydraulic quadruped robot can be stably controlled at a speed of 2.2 m/s.

Keywords Hydraulic quadruped robot · Flying trot · Energy efciency · Active compliance control


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