Collaboration offer from University of Kiel, Germany

Zoological Institute, University of Kiel, Germany




•Functional Micro- and Nanostructured Surfaces in Biology
•Adhesion- and Friction-Related Phenomena in Biological Systems
•Micro- and Nanotribological Characterisation of Surfaces
•Insect-Plant Interactions



Microscopy Techniques

-Cryo Scanning Electron Microscope Hitachi 4800 with Gatan Cryo Prep. System (TEM Possible)
-Cryotomy and Ultramicrotomy
-Fluorescence Microscopy
-µ CT Sky-Scan

Surface Characterisation

-White Light Interferometer Zygo New View 6000
-High Speed Contact Angle Measurement Device, Dataphysics OCA-200
-2 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes, Zeiss CLSM 410 and 710
-AFM JPK Nano-Wizard
-Nanoindenter MTS SA2

Adhesion and Friction Measurements

-Microtribotesters Basalt 01, Basalt 02, Basalt 03
-Microtribotester (MUST, Tetra)
-Custom Made Microtribotester Based on WP-100
-AFM JPK Nano-Wizard


Motion Analysis

-High-Speed Videorecording (Photron Fastcam SA4 and ULTIMA, up to 200.000 fps)
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