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Airbus unveils the “Light Rider”, first 3D printed motorcycle
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APWorks Light Rider


With a top speed of 80 km/h, this bike should not make vibrate the hardcore bikers of Harley Davidson. However this electric bike has the unique distinction of having been produced in 3D printing.


It is a subsidiary of industrial giant that is at the origin of this project, the German APWorks, entity dedicated to 3D printing and engineering advanced Airbus.


A bioinspire aluminum frame high resistance of only 35 kg

e “Light Rider” is a small motorcycle with a 6 kW electric motor. Its top speed does not exceed 80 km/h, however it reached 45 km/h in just 3 seconds. However the bike designed by Airbus engineers will remain in history as the first whose framework was fully produced via 3D printing. This framework does not resemble the tubular structure of a motorcycle. 3D printing has helped with these designers to use shapes optimized to respond to efforts asked for a minimum weight. The frame weighs just 35 kg.

Of course, this framework is metal, specifically Scalmalloy, aluminium high strength developed by Airbus. To produce this frame, engineers have appealed to EOS M290 and EOS M400 3D printers and this framework is hollow, particularly to the cables. 



In addition to the use of the aeronautical material, if this bike is as light it is also in its design that it must. There again, the structure created by engineers is bioinspiree and its forms are more akin to that of the bones of a fantastic animal than a customary motorcycle frame.


APWorks account start a small production series 50 copies of his “Light Rider” and the phase of preorderis launched. However, it will cost €50,000 to ride this amazing bike 3D.


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