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ISBE Specialist Short Courses-2017
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Julian Vincent, Professor at University of Oxford & President of the ISBE.

 & Jianqiao Li, Professor at Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering, Jilin University.



The ISBE presents specialist short courses to enhance understanding of biomimetics, its science and technology, and to spread the spirit, ideas and methods of the science.

TOPICS: Basic Methods of Biomimetics


DATE: 27-28 July, 2017

VENUE:Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Lanzhou, China


Delegate: 800RMB (600RMB for early bird)

Student : 400RMB  (300RMB for early bird)

Early bird deadline: 10 July, 2017


All the participants will be accommodated at their own expense.

REFERENCES: Lecture notes in MS PowerPoint




CONTENTS of the short courses

“Biological evolution can be thought of as due to the continuing solution of many problems of living. As one problem is solved, another comes. Such problems can be thought of as trade-offs, where there are alternative solutions to a problem and the best one is chosen, by natural selection, for the animal or plant. All problems, including in engineering, can be defined in this way. Thus if the types of problem can be classified it is possible to find similar problems in biology as well as engineering. Prof. Vincent and Prof. Li will show a method for identifying and solving such trade-offs in biology and engineering. Students taking the course will then use the method to design novel products based on biological systems”


PRESENTER: Prof. Julian F. V. Vincent

Julian F. V. Vincent is the President of the ISBE. His primary training was in zoology, but he has also been a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He has published over 320 papers, articles and books covering aspects of mechanical design of plants and animals, complex fracture mechanics, design of composite materials, use of natural materials in technology, advanced textiles, deployable structures in architecture and robotics, smart systems and structures. His book Structural Biomaterials is a standard text.  

PRESENTER: Prof. Jianqiao Li

Jianqiao Li is the General Secretary of the ISBE. As the Ph.D supervisor of Jilin University , Prof. Li served as Deputy Director and Director of Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering of Ministry of Education from 2000 to 2012. His specialization areas are terrain machinery system and biomimetics theory, with the focus devoted to the analysis and control of terrain machinery system. The simulation and preparation research for lunar soil carried out by Prof. Li’s team greatly contributed to China’s first lunar rover, namely "Jade Rabbit".


REGISTRATION for the short courses

Please send the information including name, institution, job title, research field, telephone and email address to for registration by 30 June, 2017.



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