Bionic technology fights against the COVID-19 pandemic
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On February 7, 2020, a medical rescue team from the Second Hospital of Jilin University, led by Vice Dean, Prof. YanguoQin, left Changchun for Wuhan to save the patients suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Dozens of medical supplies were also shipped with the team, which included several medical devices designed with bionic technologies, such as bionic anti-fog goggles, bionic anti-fog face shields, and other bionic protective plastic wares. These devices were developed by Dr. Jie Zhao, an associate professor from Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering of Ministry of Education and the Institute of Bionic Sciences and Engineering of Jilin University. Such devices have played an important role in caring for the COVID-19 patients.

At the early stage of the battle against COVID-19, medical workers found that traditional goggles usually incurred aserious fogging problem after long-term wearing. Therefore, it is very inconvenient and will increase the chance of exposure, when medical staff try to mitigate the fog problem. A research team led by Assoc. Prof. Zhao had developed bionic anti-fog coating for googles based on the phenomenon that water condensation on the leaves of aquatic plants can be absorbed immediately with no micro-water drops remaining. The goggles coated with the bionic layer are safer and more convenient to wear, achieving a better utilization of medical resources. The use of these bionic products has made the caring job for quarantined COVID-19 patients much easier. 

Hence, these bionic devices are very welcomed by medical staff fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Up to now, these bionic products developed by Assoc. Prof. Zhao’s team have been equipped to multiple hospitals designated for COVID-19 treatment in China, including the First Hospital of Jilin University, the Second Hospital of Jilin University, Peking University Third Hospital, West China Hospital and several centers for disease control and prevention. The bionic technology has made great contributions to combating COVID-19, which also affords enormous significance to the development of bionics worldwide. Assoc. Prof. Zhao emphasizes that his team will develop more innovative anti-fog products and collaborate with medical device companies to create greater value for the society.

 Associate Professor Jie Zhao hailing for Jilin medical rescue team to Wuhan

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