Call for nominations for the Excellent Members, ISBE
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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ISBE, in recognition of the individual members who have made contributions to ISBE and made academic achievements on bionic engineering, the honorary title of Excellent Member is suggested set up to encourage members to extensively participate in the academic activities and further promote the development of the Society. Nominations for the Excellent Members of ISBE are now being accepted. 


(1) The nominators should be the members of ISBE for five years or more.

(2) The nominators must have contributed to the advancement or application of bionic engineering. 

(3) The nominators have participated in the activities held by the ISBE, provided information to ISBE Website, Newsletters or Wechat platform, and contributed suggestions for the construction and development of the Society.


There are three ways for nominating ISBE Excellent Members: self-nomination, nominated by others, and nominated by the ISBE secretariat. The Members shall submit the ISBE Excellent Membership Application to the ISBE Secretariat (; The deadline for submission of nominations is September 13, 2020.


The number of the Excellent Members accounts for no more than 1 percent of the total Individual Members.


Individual Members of the ISBE. Fellow Members and winners of the Bionic Engineering Award should not apply for the Excellent Member evaluation, and the nominators in each country shall no more than 3 persons in principal.

Evaluation process

(1) ISBE Secretariat is in charge of submitting the suggested nomination list to the Executive Board of Directors after checking.

(2) The Executive Board of Directors is in charge of authorizing the Excellent Members of the Society.

(3) The final result will be released at the official website and Newsletter of the ISBE. The ISBE will present the Certificate of Excellent Member to the successful candidate at the Celebration of the 10th Anniversary in October in Weihai, China.


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