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ISBE Specialist Short Courses-2020
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TOPIC: Introduction to the theory and practice of biologically inspired design

PRESENTED BY: Marc Weissburg, Professor at  Georgia tech & Vice-President of the ISBE

China Standard Time (CST):

18:30-20:30, 17 October  2020  (Saturday)

18:30-20:30, 18 October 2020 (Sunday)

Virtual Meeting Platform:

Tencent meeting (Chinese Version)

VOOV meeting (English Version)



CERTIFICATE: provided after the courses

REGISTRATION FEE: used for lecture fee

Delegate: 500 RMB; Student: 300 RMB


Weissburg Marc.jpgMarc Weissburg is Professor of Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech, a Brook Byers Institute of Sustainable Systems Professor, and Co-Director of the Center for Biologically Inspired-Design (BID). An ecologist by training, Professor Weissburg has taught and practiced biomimicry (aka biologically-inspired design or BID) for 15 years. He has designed and assessed BID teaching methods, and worked with major companies to develop novel, innovative and more benign technologies to solve complex human challenges ranging from better fiber products to sustainable industrial systems organization. 

Description of the short courses:

The short courses will introduce you to concepts and applications of biologically-inspired design (BID), aka biomimetics.  It is designed for engineers and scientists with little biological background, and will give attendees a basic understanding of useful techniques and best practices.  We will discuss basic techniques to frame technical problems to make it easier to find biological “solutions”, systematic ways to search the biological literature effectively, and ways to evaluate the match between particular biological models and the problem being considered.

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