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Open-Source, Small-sized, Reconfigurable Quadruped Robot with Multiple Sensory Feedback: A New Bionic Research Platform for Studying Autonomous, Adaptive, and Versatile Locomotion Behaviors
Post: 2020-12-17 13:09  View:530

Recently, Frontiers in Neurorobotics published a paper entitled “Small-sized reconfigurable quadruped robot with multiple sensory feedback for studying adaptive and versatile behaviors”. This work, in collaboration between the Bioroboticsresearch groupin Denmark and the Bio-inspired structure and surface engineering research group inChina, presents an open-source,small-sized bionic quadruped robot (called Lilibot, see Figure 1) with reconfigurable structure and multiple sensory feedback. Compared to existing similar quadrupedrobots, Lilibot is: 1) easy and safe to handle by an operator due to small-size (i.e., 30×17.5×20 cm) and lightweight (i.e., 2.5 Kg); 2) extendable due to its modular structure and software design; 3) practical and feasible to implement various bio-inspired control due to multiple sensory feedback (i.e., 61 sensory feedback); 4) flexible to change its configuration.To this end, Lilibot can serve as a generic, affordable, quadrupedal platform for bionic research and education to studyautonomous, adaptive, and versatile locomotionbehaviors.


Figure 1: A small-sized bionic quadruped robot. It is developed based on a quadruped animal.The open source (including the code for the interface and 3D CAD model) of Lilibot can be viewed at https://gitlab.com/neutron-nuaa/lilibot. The total hardware cost of Lilibot is 5,381 USD. 

The detail content is referred to: Sun, T., Xiong, X., Dai, Z. and Manoonpong, P., 2020. Small-Sized Reconfigurable Quadruped Robot with Multiple Sensory Feedback for Studying Adaptive and VersatileBehaviors.Frontiers in Neurorobotics,14, p.14.

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