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Open-Source, Small-sized, Reconfigurable Quadruped Robot with Multiple Sensory Feedback: A New Bionic Research Platform for Studying Autonomous, Adaptive, and Versatile Locomotion Behaviors
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Recently, Frontiers in Neurorobotics published a paper entitled “Small-sized reconfigurable quadruped robot with multiple sensory feedback for studying adaptive and versatile behaviors”. This work, in collaboration between the Bioroboticsresearch groupin Denmark and the Bio-inspired structure and surface engineering research group inChina, presents an open-source,small-sized bionic quadruped robot (called Lilibot, see Figure 1) with reconfigurable structure and multiple sensory feedback. Compared to existing similar quadrupedrobots, Lilibot is: 1) easy and safe to handle by an operator due to small-size (i.e., 30×17.5×20 cm) and lightweight (i.e., 2.5 Kg); 2) extendable due to its modular structure and software design; 3) practical and feasible to implement various bio-inspired control due to multiple sensory feedback (i.e., 61 sensory feedback); 4) flexible to change its configuration.To this end, Lilibot can serve as a generic, affordable, quadrupedal platform for bionic research and education to studyautonomous, adaptive, and versatile locomotionbehaviors.


Figure 1: A small-sized bionic quadruped robot. It is developed based on a quadruped animal.The open source (including the code for the interface and 3D CAD model) of Lilibot can be viewed at The total hardware cost of Lilibot is 5,381 USD. 

The detail content is referred to: Sun, T., Xiong, X., Dai, Z. and Manoonpong, P., 2020. Small-Sized Reconfigurable Quadruped Robot with Multiple Sensory Feedback for Studying Adaptive and VersatileBehaviors.Frontiers in Neurorobotics,14, p.14.

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