[2021-Vol.18-Issue 4]Mechatronic Design of a Robot for Upper Limb Rehabilitation at Home
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J Bionic Eng 18 (2021) 857–871 DOI: 

Mechatronic Design of a Robot for Upper Limb Rehabilitation at Home 

Elio Matteo Curcio, Giuseppe Carbone 

Department of Mechanical, Energy, and Management Engineering, University of Calabria Via Bucci, Cubo 46C, 87036 Rende, Italy 

Abstract  This paper addresses the design of a novel bionic robotic device for upper limb rehabilitation tasks at home. The main goal of the design process has been to obtain a rehabilitation device, which can be easily portable and can be managed remotely by a professional therapist. This allows to treat people also in regions that are not easily reachable with a significant cost reduction. Other potential benefits can be envisaged, for instance, in the possibility to keep social distancing while allowing rehabilitation treatments even during a pandemic spread. Specific attention has been devoted to design the main mechatronic components by developing specific kinematics and dynamics models. The design process includes the implementation of a specific control hardware and software. Preliminary experimental tests are reported to show the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed design solution. 

Keywords: bionic robot, design, simulations, parallel robots, upper limb rehabilitation

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