The 2021 Belt and Road Bionic Innovation Design Industrialization Forum
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From June 25 to 27, 2021, "The 2021 Belt and Road Bionic Innovation Design Industrialization Forum" supported by the International Bionic Engineering Society(ISBE) was held in Lishui District, Nanjing, China. Prof. Zhang Zhihui, General Secretary of the ISBE attended the forum and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.  


There are more than 100 representatives from Japan, Singapore, Germany, Denmark, the United States and other countries attended the forum. The goal of the forum is to pay equal attention to science and industrialization, and to create a new pattern of bionics industry in China. The forum rapidly arouses strong interests and heated discussions among participants.


During the forum, Professor Xiqiao Feng from Tsinghua University made a report about “the Surface Infiltration Kinetics of Biological Materials”, surface infiltration of micro/nano scale effect, surface infiltration mechanics structure - property - function relationship between the quantitative model, surface infiltration in the process of heat, electricity and other effects, as well as in industrial and life study and so on has carried on the detailed report, Professor Zhang Deyuan from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics made a report on “Interface Energy Field Effect in Micro/Nano Biomimetic Manufacturing”, and analyzed the new method of biomimetic wave cutting and interface energy field effect of biomimetic forming manufacturing. Professor Zhongze Gu from Southeast University made a report on “Biomimetic Microstructure Materials based on 3D Laser Printing” and introduced the biomimetic microstructure controllable materials and microstructure scanning probe. Professor Hesheng Wang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University gave a report on “Robot Visual Servo” and introduced the self-landing of shipboard UAV based on vision and the contact control of flight manipulator. Professor Zhendong Dai of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics reviewed the bionics and its technology industry in bionics and its Industrialization Development, and prospected the bionics research and key technology breakthrough of China Southern Airlines, the development of the industrialization of aviation bionics technology and the application scenarios of gecko-like robot in narrow space.  



Outside the forum, A flexible adhesion grasping equipment was shown at Nanjing Li Hang Bionic Industry Research Institute. Under the operation of the staff, the mechanical arm equipped with flexible adhesive material can easily pick up eggs, cherry tomatoes, water filled balloons and other items, and put them in the designated position. According to the staff, the secret of the robot arm's flexibility lies in the flexible adhesive material installed at the end, which has the characteristics of stable adhesion and efficient desorption. In the future, combined with robot vision technology, this technology can be applied to many fields, such as picking blueberries and other berries. It is understood that Nanjing Lihang Industry Institute of Bionic Technology was established by the Institute of Biomimetic Structure and Material Protection, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Zhendong Dai's talent team cooperation with Lishui district people's government , committed to promoting the bionic technology innovation and industrialization, hatching, introduction of innovative enterprise, has developed seven products and projects: flexible adhesion material is one of them.



After the forum, the delegates also visited Nanjing Lihang Industry Institute of Bionic Technology. As the host, Nanjing Lihang Industry Institute of Bionic Technology fully demonstrated the achievements of bionics, so that the participants better understand the methods of the results of the industrialization, so as to contribute to the industrialization development of bionic discipline.  

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