[2021-Vol.18-Issue 5]A Camouflaged Film Imitating the Chameleon Skin with Color-Changing Microfluidic Systems Based on the Color Information Identification of Background
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Journal of Bionic Engineering (2021) 18:1137–1146

A Camoufaged Film Imitating the Chameleon Skin with Color-Changing Microfuidic Systems Based on the Color Information Identifcation of Background 

Huanhuan Li1  · Tianhang Yang1  · Lujia Li1  · Sining Lv1  · Songjing Li1 

1 Department of Fluid Control and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, Science Park, No. 2, Yikuang Street Nangang District, Box 3040, Harbin 150001, China

Abstract To adapt to a complex and variable environment, self-adaptive camoufage technology is becoming more and more important in all kinds of military applications by overcoming the weakness of the static camoufage. In nature, the chameleon can achieve self-adaptive camoufage by changing its skin color in real time with the change of the background color. To imitate the chameleon skin, a camoufaged flm controlled by a color-changing microfuidic system is proposed in this paper. The flm with microfuidic channels fabricated by soft materials can achieve dynamic cloaking and camoufage by circulating color liquids through channels inside the flm. By sensing and collecting environmental color change information, the control signal of the microfuidic system can be adjusted in real time to imitate chameleon skin. The microstructure of the flm and the working principle of the microfuidic color-changing system are introduced. The mechanism to generate the control signal by information processing of background colors is illustrated. “Canny” double-threshold edge detection algorithm and color similarity are used to analyze and evaluate the camoufage. The tested results show that camoufaged images have a relatively high compatibility with environmental backgrounds and the dynamic cloaking efect can be achieved. 

Keywords Microfuidic · Self-adaptive · Camoufage · Chameleon · Bionic skin

Fig. 1

Chameleon skin design and structure. a Micro-channels structure design on the chameleon skin; b diagram of the cross-section at dashed line located in a; c reversible coloring process

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