[2021-Vol.18-Issue 5]Mechanical and Tribological Study of PVA–pMPDSAH Double-Network Hydrogel Prepared by Ultraviolet Irradiation and Freeze–Thaw Methods for Bionic Articular Cartilage
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Journal of Bionic Engineering (2021) 18:1192–1201

Mechanical and Tribological Study of PVA-pMPDSAH Double-Network Hydrogel Prepared by Ultraviolet Irradiation and Freeze-Thaw Methods for Bionic Articular Cartilage 

Junyue Chen1  · Lingling Cui1  · Chengqi Yan1  · Dangsheng Xiong1 

1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094, China

AbstractHydrogel has been widely used in the research of bionic articular cartilage due to their similarity in structure and functional properties to natural articular cartilage. In this research, polyvinyl alcohol and betaine monomer were used as raw materials to prepare a high-strength double-network hydrogel by a combination of ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and freeze–thaw methods. The structure of samples was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray difraction, and the morphology of the samples was characterized by scanning electron microscope and three-dimensional white light interferometer. In addition, we also studied the swelling ratio, water content, mechanical properties and tribological properties of the samples. We found that the addition of betaine monomer and the UV irradiation time had a positive efect on the mechanical properties and tribological properties of the samples. 

Keywords Polyvinyl alcohol · Double-network hydrogel · Ultraviolet irradiation · Low friction · High strength

Fig. 1

The structures of PVA, MPDSAH and pMPDSAH (a), the schematic diagram of the synthesis process for PVA–pMPDSAH DN hydrogel (b) and FT-IR spectra for MPDSAH, PVA-0%-5 h and composite hydrogel of PVA-15%-5 h (c)

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