The 6th Online Academic Forum on "Frontiers in Bionic Engineering"
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On 26th October, the 6th Online Academic Forum on "Frontiers in Bionic Engineering" of ISBE was successfully held online which was jointly organized by the Youth Commission of ISBE and Jilin University. Prof. Xu Hou, the recipient of the Chinese National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars from Xiamen University was invited to share the latest research progress of his group on Bioinspired Multi-Scale Pore/Channel Systems. The forum was presided over by the chief editor of Journal of Bionic Engineering, associate Prof. Chao Xu from Jilin University. Over 200 scholars and graduate students from nearly 70 universities and research institutes around the world attended the forum online. 


Learning from nature is the eternal theme of the development of new materials and systems. The relationship between the micro-/nano structures of biological tissue and their performances provides inspirations for proposing new ideas for the additive and subtractive manufacturing of functional materials. For microscale system, inspired by the dynamic and non-fouling fluid transport through some biological pores, which are composed of liquid infused porous structures, the concept of liquid gating technology was proposed and propelled by Prof. Hou. For nanoscale system, inspired by the ion channels, his team designed and prepared many bioinspired smart symmetric/asymmetric nanochannels by physicochemical design of responsive porous materials, and realized the regulation of mass transport in the nanoconfined spaces, and thus focus the new research directions on bioinspired nanofluidic iontronics. 


"Frontiers in Bionic Engineering" online academic forum is a series of academic exchange activities initiated by the Youth Commission of the ISBE. The forum demonstrated the latest research highlights and progress of Bioinspired Multi-Scale Pore/Channel Systems. It received warm responses from the participants and played an important role in expanding the exchange and cooperation among the presented scholars.

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