Bionic Engineering Award
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The International Bionic Engineering Award is presented by the ISBE at its triennial Conference to honour members of the society who have made an outstanding contribution to bionic engineering. 

  • The Award is made in three categories:

1) Outstanding Contribution Award: Two winners, each one will be awarded 20,000 -30,000 RMB;
2) Outstanding Youth Award: Two winners under 40 years old, and each one will be awarded 10,000-20,000 RMB. 
Outstanding Student Award: Two winners, and each one will be awarded 5,000-10,000 RMB. 

  • Qualifications

1) Outstanding Contribution Award and Outstanding Youth Award:

a.  The winners shall have contributed remarkable research achievements in bionic engineering;
b.  The winners shall have made great progress in scientific research, community service, technology transfer, etc in bionic engineering;
c.  The winners shall have made a prominent contribution to the promotion of science and technology, international communication and collaboration, etc in bionic engineering.

2) Outstanding Student Award:

a.  The winners shall be the students majored in a bionic academic discipline;
b.  The winners shall show outstanding scientific and research qualities;
c.  The winners shall have made remarkable research achievements in bionic engineering.


Past recipients

2013 in Nanjing at ICBE 2013

Outstanding Contribution Award: MinJun Kim,  Southern Methodist University (USA)

Outstanding Youth Award: Feng Zhou,  Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS (China) 

2016 in Ningbo at ICBE 2016

Outstanding Contribution Award:

         *Daniel Weihs, Israel Institute of Technology

         *Yongmei Zheng, Beihang University

Outstanding Youth Award: 

         *Zuankai Wang, City University of Hong Kong

          *Zhiguang Guo, Hubei University

Outstanding Student Award: 

         *Hamed Rajabi Jorshari, Kiel University

         *Jianing Wu, Tinghua University 

2019 in Changchun at ICBE 2019

Outstanding Contribution Award:
         *Stanislav Gorb,Kiel University
         *Huawei Chen,Beihang University
Outstanding Youth Award: 
         *Ximin He,University of California Los Angeles
         *Mingjie Liu,Beihang University
Outstanding Student Award: 
        *Zhengzhi Mu,Jilin University 
        *Qian Zhao,Jilin University


2023 in Wuhan at ICBE 2023

Outstanding Contribution Award:

         *Mohd Sapuan SalitUniversiti Putra Malaysia
         *Zhendong DaiNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 
Outstanding Youth Award: 
         *Sheng XuUniversity of California San Diego
         *Xu HouXiamen University
Outstanding Student Award: 
        *Ming LiImperial College London
        *Yanlong Shao,Jilin University


Implementing Measures for the International Bionic Engineering Award 2022.pdf

APPLICATION FORM for the ISBE 2022 International Bionic Engineering Award.doc

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